Create Awareness to Promote Rights of Persons with Disabilities – JDPI Tell Ekiti Govt

Justice, Development and Peace Initiative, JDPI, of the Catholic Diocese of Ekiti has called on the state government to promote rights and responsibilities of Person’s with Disabilities, PWDs, in the state.

They made the charge at an half-hour radio programme on New Cruse 92.7 FM, Ikere tagged: “Know Your Rights.”

According to Barr. Tony Adeosi, the Ekiti State Disability Law of 2020 was propagated to promote capabilities, achievements and contributions of PWDs to the society.

Barr. Adeosi noted that PWDs have the right to free education, inclusiveness in all facets of life among others adding that JDPI will continue to sensitise the public on the provisions of the Ekiti State Disability Law.

“We want to reiterate our commitment to inform Ekiti poeple what they are supposed to do, particularly as regards their rights and responsibilities.

“A person can be disabled by their inability to perform some basic actions. They might be visually impaired, difficulties in hearing, have challenges in walking. The law is tagged ‘Ekiti Law to Prohibit Persons with disabilities and other related matters’

“It’s categorised into several parts. The State Ministry of Information shall make provisions for promotion of awareness regarding the rights, respect and dignity of persons with disabilities.

“Promotes capabilities, achievements and contributions of persons with disabilities in the society. It’s placing responsibilities on the government to promote these things like bring them to the consciousness of people in the society.

“The onus is on the government to bring them to the consciousness of the people, make them inclusive to the society. As a means of inclusitivity, the law mandates the government to promote these people to encourage them to contribute to the society.

“When it comes to education, the law says that in section 17 sub section 1, ‘a person with disability shall have unfettered rights to education without discrimination or segregation in any way’

“Some of them can be discriminated in the way they are rejected. You don’t reject people on the basis of the mere fact that they are disabled. Refer them to the proper institutions. Don’t make them less human for wanting to continue their education. The law makes it mandatory that all public schools shall be inclusive and accessible to persons with disabilities.

“In section 19, it says that the education of special education personnel shall be highly subsidized. This is to encourage them to access education. PWDs is entitled to free education to secondary school level.

“The responsibility is more on the government. Some people are already enjoying the benefits of this law. We are sensitising the people to grab this opportunity.”

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