JDPI Sensitises Ekiti Residents on Benefits of Organic Agriculture on Fresh FM Ado-Ekiti

The half-hour radio programme featured JDPI staff in organic agriculture including Mr. Earnest Adenike and Mr. Cajethan Babaniyi, who spoke extensively on its benefits and the conventional methods which uses synthetic chemicals such as fertilisers and pesticides.

Adenike said: “Organic agriculture simply means a farming system that are done without synthetic chemicals that are not natural like fertilisers. This is the practice our forefathers started, the natural way of production.

“To let the people know the difference between organic processed foods and the conventional one. When we say organic, we are preaching life because food is life. So, when we are preaching organic, it means that all these synthetic chemicals have effects in our health system. That’s why we are preaching organic.

“Organic agriculture is laborious because there are a lot things you don’t do. You don’t burn after clearing, you don’t spread pesticides, you don’t use synthetic chemicals. It’s just natural. So, you need more hands to grow big.

“The produce from organic agriculture is sold at an expensive rate because people know what they want and the provide for their money. Every farmer can key into organic farming. One thing they need is information because some of them picks up what is available to them.

Cajethan on his part said JDPI is committed to implementing the use of organic agriculture for its health benefits and the guiding principles.

He said: “We are the ones promoting organic agriculture in the state and we want people to see the relevance of this farming system. One thing you need to know about organic agriculture is the principles that guides it. JDPI is the forerunner in the state when it comes to organic agriculture.

“The principle of health because organic agriculture promotes good health of the producer, consumer, environment and the ecosystems entirely. Principle of ecology: The energy we use in organic agriculture are renewable energy like organic fertilisers, organic pesticides everything is just organic because they follow the natural way.

“Principle of fairness: You have to be fair to the people around you. Principle of care: You have to care for yourself and the next generation. You shouldn’t do what will affect the next generation. There are lot of things that are destroying the ecosystem.”

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