‘Know Your Rights’ is a radio programme held every Monday of the week from 3:30pm to 4pm on New Cruse 92.7 F.M Ikere-Ekiti, sponsored by Justice, Development and Peace Initiative, JDPI, of the Catholic Diocese of Ekiti.

The Monday’s edition of 3rd July, 2023 featured the JDPI Director, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Akingbade, who spoke on the Students’ Loan Law recently signed into law by President Bola Tinubu.

Rev. Akingbade noted that the programme is aimed at creating awareness to Nigerians on the benefits of the Students’ Loan Act and how it can be fully implemented.

He appealed to leaders, traditional rulers and civil societies to hold government responsible on the implementation adding Nigerians should be optimistic on the success of the loan.

“The people at the helms of affairs might not be disposed having these laws implemented. This programme is meant to create awareness that laws exist for our own good.

“This students loan law – Student’s Loan Access to Higher Education Act, we don’t want it to be like the one that has been repelled – Nigeria Education Bank Act. That particular law was meant to approve and disburse loans for educational purposes and related matters.

“This new law has repelled that law and this new law is simply meant to provide easy access to Higher Education to indigent Nigerians through interest-free loans. It is for students seeking Higher Education in any public institution for higher learning.

“It is also important to note that the loan is meant for payment of tution fees. There are conditions that must be meant to access these loans.

“Our people especially farmers, market women now need to be keeping records because for your child to able to enjoy this benefit, you must be able to show that the money you are spending monthly is less than N50,000.

“We should look at these laws from the perspective of how they can be to our advantage. We should be engaging our representatives. It is for this purpose that we have people representing us.

“Let us be asking them and they should be interpreting these laws and how we can enjoy and maximise the provisions of these laws.

“The law has actually not limited repayment to salary employment. It has provided repayment by self-employment. Today we are encouraging our young ones to go into entrepreneurship. We are encouraging our young ones not to confine themselves to the classroom exercises.

“We have so many persons living well in our society because they believe the can do and diversify. We should not be pessimistic that graduates will not get jobs.

“We want to appeal to our leaders, traditional rulers, civil societies because we have the obligations to make our government responsible. If this law is implemented, there will be more peace in our society. Let us begin to talk about the implementation of this law so that it doesn’t end up like the Nigeria Education Bank Act.”

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